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Video Clips courtesy of Moroccan Satellite TV-CH 2M 
Karima Siquelli-Alaik salaat Allah,  Idris Maalouni-Tarnimat al-Hayat, Umniya-In Kunte Naasi


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This web site is associated with Multi Media Publishing , an educational and multi-lingual establishment.  We have tried to expand on the art of Arabic Music by including the various musical styles and genres of the various countries of the Arab World (in the Middle East and North Africa).  In the old days (the first half of the 20th century), most of the well known composers, singers and performers were mainly from Egypt, Syria or Lebanon.  However, in the second half of the 20th century, a vast number of very talented performers and singers, from all around the Arab World, were gaining notoriety and their music became very popular through out.  Khaleej and Yemeni Music, Jordanian and Iraqi Music, Tunis and Morocco Music became, all favorites, thanks to the modern communication media (Radio, TV and Satellite Broadcasting).


In this site, we have included an overview section about Traditional Arabic Music, it's history and evolution, structural make up and several related articles.  We have also included the various varieties of music in the different countries of the Arab World, as well as making available Video Music DVDs from these countries.  For those of you who are interested in learning Arabic Music, we have included a section about Comparative Arabic Music. It's an extensive study in Arabic Music Maqamaat, Scales, Musical Forms and Rhythms.  Please view it at this page.  We have also included a section of Sheet Music that contains music notations of many Classical pieces, Muwashahat and some of Um Kalthoum's songs music notations.


In the Traditional Music section, we have included, and made available, Music Video DVDs of the well known traditional composers and singers, as well as various styles and groups that perform the well known styles such as Muwashahat, Adwar, Qasidah, Malouf and Nawbaat .As much as we could, we have provided many music samples of Video Music.  We hope that your visit will be an enjoyable one.