Learning Arabic Music

An Easy way to Learn Arabic Music


Learning Arabic Music

تعليم الموسيقى العربي

Now we are making it a true learning experience. We have combined the Audio/Visual/Video Presentation, the textual explanations and the Audio examples, with the addition of several Music Video examples, to make it a total learning experience.
Learn Arabic Music  Please click the Media player below for some initial details
We have used the latest Flash Video technology to pack many hours of watching and listening all on one, Windows based, Multi-Media DVD. We have created a new web site to show most of the details of this presentation Please click here for more detailed examples and samples:  Learn Arabic Music


A 12 Minute Video Presentation about Learning Arabic Music



الموسيقى العربيّه المقارنه Comparative Arabic Music
An easy and great way to learn and enjoy Arabic Music

A new and improved Comparative Arabic Music Documentary Presentation.  It's an Audio/Visual/Video Presentation on 3 DVDs. The DVDs are Menu driven, Totally Interactive and can be watched on your T.V. thru your DVD Player or Computer.

Contents of this Documentary are as follows:

* An Overview of Classical Arabic Music
* An Introduction to Comparative Music
* Arabic Maqamat Overview and varieties
* Diatonic Scales Compatible Maqamat
   - Major Scale Compatible Maqamat
   - Minor Scale Compatible Maqamat
   - Maqam Kurd and its varieties
   - Maqam Hijaz Kar & Shadd Arban
* Eastern Maqamat (3/4 sound steps)
   - Maqam Rast & its varieties
   - Maqam Bayati & its varieties
   - Maqam Hijaz and varieties

 * Eastern Maqamaat Continued
   - Other Maqamat (Maqam Zangulah)
   - Andalusian Maqamat
* Maqamat with Pentatonic scales
* Mixed Maqamat (Eastern & African)
* Musical Forms
   - Musical Improvisations
   - Musical Composition
     ^ Nawbah
     ^ Waslah (Fasil), Bashraf
     ^ Muwashahat
     ^ Samaii, Longa, Tahmilah
     ^ Dour (Pl. Adwaar)
* Modern Musical Forms

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Learning Arabic Music
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