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موسيقة الفيديو الليبيه

Traditional and Classical Libyan Music - 1

6 different video recordings of individual and group performers singing the Traditional and Classical Libyan music
1- the Ghnais group for Maalouf style,  2- Popular variety
3- Nasr Alhimmary and Firqat Albashayir, 4- Libyan Concert
5- A Libyan Takht Playing Samaii Muheiyar,  6- Traditional Libyan

Traditional & Classical Libyan Music- 1
Video DVD- $10.50
Traditional and Classical Libyan Music - 2

11 Video clips of the most popular tarditional libyan entertainers, including the very talented Thikra, Latifa, Almabrouk Mohammad and several others singing traditional Libyan music

Sample 1                        Sample 2                    Sample 3

Traditional & Classical Libyan Music- 2
Video DVD- $10.50