Moroccan Video Music, Honoring M. Abdilmuttalib

Traditional Music Videos Rendering Um  kalthoum Rendering Abdilwahhab Rendering Asmahan Variety Videos


In this publisher's opinion, Traditional and Classical Moroccan Music is the most diversified and the richest among all the varieties of Classical Arabic Music.  The evolution of the Nawbaat musical forms from their Andalusian origin testifies to the sophistication, depth and beauty of Classical and Traditional Moroccan Music.  the blending of Eastern Maqamaat (Tubou') and local and African scales have created a musical genre that is unique as well as colorful and joyful to listen to.  For more detailed study of Moroccan Musical Forms, please visit  Music of Morocco.
A special acknowledgement and appreciation is given to the Moroccan National Satellite Broadcasting TV, Ch 2M, for the magnificent programming of keeping Traditional and Classical Moroccan and Arabic Music alive and available to the world wide audience. 

Morocco, more than any other Arab country, continues to promote, advance and present Traditional Arabic Music in the Mid-East and North Africa.  A whole new and young generation of Moroccan Artists and singers are engrossed in learning and rendering (performing) the works of such great artists of Traditional Arabic Music such as:  Um Kalthoum Mohammad Abdilwahhab, Asmahan  and many other outstanding artist such as: Souad Mohammad, Mohammad Abdilmuttalib, Riyadh Al Sunbati among many others.

Please Click below to watch Video Samples of the very talented Moroccan singer Fouad Zabadi rendering the Songs of Mohammad Abdilmuttalib

            Yahasideen elnaas       Isaal Marra aaliya       Sakin fi Hay elsayyida        Wadda Hawaak