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Music of Libya

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الموسيقى الليبيه

Music of Libya

Libya is a North African country. Arabs are the most populous ethnic group and various kinds of Arab music are popular such as Andalusian music, locally known as Malouf, Sha'abi and Arab classical music.

The Tuareg live in the southern, Saharan part of the country, and have their own distinctive folk music. There is little or no pop music industry. Among the Tuareg, women are the musicians. They play a one-stringed violin called an Anzad, as well as a variety of drums.

Two of the most famous musicians of Libya are Ahmed Fakroun and Mohammed Hassan.

Among Libyan Arabs, instruments include the Zokra (a bagpipe), flute (made of bamboo), tambourine, Oud (a fretless lute) and Derbakki, a goblet drum held sideways and played with the fingers. Complication clapping is also common in folk music.

Travelling Bedouin poet-singers have spread many popular songs across Libya. Among their styles is Huda, the camel driver's song, the rhythm of which is said to mimic the feet of a walking camel.

Information courtesy of Wikipedia Encyclopedia