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We have the largest selection of recordings of Classical and Traditional Arabic Music on the web.  Thanks to modern technology, we are able to offer you the best prices for big collections of songs and music of the old and contemporary music and singing masters.  Most new CD players will play MP3 Format Audio Music.  So, please take advantage of these rare recordings and enjoy the music.

Play the MP3 CDs on your Home CD Player, Your Car CD Player or Download them to Your Computer and enjoy listening to the music.  We guarantee your enjoyment and appreciation or your money back.  Tha is a our promiss.

Individual Artists, Audio MP3 CDs ألبومات الفنانين
Musical Groups, Audio MP3 CDs ألبومات الفرق الغنائيه والموسيقيه
Instrumental, Audio MP3 CDs ألبومات الموسقى الاليه
Muwashahaat, Audio MP3 CDs ألبومات الموشّحات
Qudood Halabiya, Audio MP3 CDs ألبومات القدود الحلبيه
Old Classics, Audio MP3 CDs ألبومات أغاني وموسيقى الطرب القديمه
Um Kalthoum Audio Muisc أغاني أمكلثوم
Abdilwahhab's Audio Music أغاني محمد عبدالوهاب
Fareed al Atarch Audio Music أغاني فريد الأطرش
Asmahan Audio Music أغاني أسمهان
Sabah Fakhri Audio Music أعاني صباح فخري
Regional Music, Audio MP3,
from  more than 12Arab Countries
ألبومات موسيقى جميع الأقطار العربيه