UM Kalthoum's 100th Anniversary Celebration


حفلة الذكرى المئويه للسيده أمكلثوم

Morocco's Satellite TV Has Celebrated Um kalthoum's 100th Anniversary with an elaborate presentation of several talented Moroccan and Egyptian Artists, Performing some of Um Kalthoum's memorable songs.

Collection- 1 

The National TV Ensemble sings  introductions of several of Um Kalthoum's Songs.
* The Egyptian Singer Ajfan sings " Huwwa Saheeh"
* Izziddeen Badri (who won the best performer award) sings " Mali Futint".
* Nazha Shaabawi sings "Alahaat" 

Video Collection #1
Video DVD $ 10.50

Collection- 2
 The Second Collection of this Anniversary Celebration introduces Moroccan talents" [performing the following songs:
*  Inta Fakrani:                 Elias baghri
*  Gaddit Houbbak Laih:      Nadia Lutfi
Hayyart Qalbi:               Asmaa lazraq
Ghulibt Asalih:               Fatin Hilal baik

Video Collection #2
Video DVD $ 10.50 

Collection- 3

The Third DVD is dedicated to the renowned Moroccan Singer Fouad Al Zabadi. His magnificent voice and passionate singing gives a new dimension to Traditional Arabic Music.  Fouad Sings Um kalthoum's Classics " Elward gameel" & Habeebi Yis'i Awqatu" and then sings some of his own classics.

Video Collection #3
Video DVD $ 10.50